Practical & interactive

The test challenges candidates to demonstrate their capability through dynamic simulations of real-world accountancy scenarios.

Brilliantly priced

We deliver a significant benefit for a minimal outlay — tangible evidence of candidate quality.

*Price for orders of 5+ units.

Decision confidence

In accountancy and finance, you'll make better recruitment and talent development decisions with Orecor. Check out our test today.

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Group Financial Controller

This is a really useful tool. After a relatively small cost and a short test, I am able to confidently assess the technical ability of candidates to ensure I recruit the right person for the job.

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Principal Lecturer BA(Hons) Accounting and Finance

At Nottingham Trent University we place great emphasis on supplementing academic excellence with real-world workplace readiness. Orecor reassesses this all-important combination at the post-qualification stage – a fantastic asset for hiring organisations.

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Group Financial Controller

A brilliant addition to the recruitment process. Using Orecor allowed us to determine who was capable of doing the job from day one.

3‑minute intro video

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Selecting finance personnel in 2019

Accountancy and finance recruitment can be a minefield. The holy grail involves personality coupled with a rock-solid grasp of the fundamentals of the profession.

So how do you ensure the latter when you've found the former? Well, generic 'numeric reasoning' tests are unlikely to suffice — it is oft-acknowledged that finance has little to do with maths.

What about the letters after the candidate's name? Whilst indicative, they are no guarantee of quality. In fact, the underlying understanding of even fully-qualified resource can be disappointing.

You need something that assesses practical capability, something that scores your candidates relative to peers. Something that enables you to recruit with confidence.

The answer? The Orecor recruitment test