5 areas assessed
  • Rolling Forecasting
  • Investment Appraisal
  • Financial Statements
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Underlying Fundamentals
45 minutes

Clear results feedback and follow‑up recommendations delivered immediately upon completion

Results benchmarked against the market by salary and qualification

Range of levels

A valuable indicator for £30k to £100k+ roles

  • Qualified
  • Part-qualified
  • Industry
  • Practice

“We started Orecor because what I needed did not exist”

Will Buggey, Founder

As my career in finance progressed, I found myself making or ratifying recruitment decisions almost every week. During transformation programmes, this was more like daily!

It struck me that the candidate assessment tools available to me were not fit for purpose. I wanted something that would provide me with confidence in candidates' practical skills and ability to perform under pressure — something to back up interview conclusions.

My options were limited to:

  • Multiple choice tests (Not dynamic)
  • Generic psychometric tests (Not hands-on)
  • Proprietary in-house tests (Not scalable)

Orecor blends the best aspects of each, offering an interactive, simulation-based recruitment test for accountancy and finance professionals. Make it part of your recruitment process now and start making data‑driven hiring decisions – it's 2019 after all!

Have a go at our sample Bank Reconciliation exercise and see how you fare!

Sample Orecor Finance Core Skills Test question
Two hands surrounding many loose yellow pills.

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